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This year, from June through November, a new and epic chapter in the ROG Masters journey plays out, and for the first time, the Middle East is included in this league powered by PLG. The cross-continent tournament will encompass more than 30 countries, bringing top-tier talent and renowned pro squads in CS:GO and Dota 2, and the best teams will split the grand prize pool between them – $250,000 for each title.

Powered by Power League Gaming, the ROG Masters Middle East Open Qualifiers will host two events to find the best UAE and KSA CS:GO and DOTA 2 teams in each country, which will then compete for the title of Middle East champion in a live event hosted in Dubai, UAE. The winners of each game specific tournament qualifier will continue to the ROG Masters Regional Qualifiers to fight alongside other teams from the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) where one winner will continue to the ROG Masters Regional Finals and eventually ROG Masters Grand Finals in November.