Marking its 5th year anniversary, PLG – Power League Gaming, in association with Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas and PlayStation is introducing the PLG Nationals, an all-new set of competitive gaming and eSports leagues for PS4 fans across VOX Cinemas screens in Middle East and North Africa.

Taking the competitive spirit to a whole new level and offering unique opportunities for amateur gamers to develop their skills and move up the professional ranks, the eSports leagues will create more dynamic and interactive gaming experiences for contestants and audiences in the region.

Inviting hundreds of the region’s gamers to compete, the PLG Nationals will be broadcast live to wider audiences, giving them front row seats to the gaming and eSports tournaments. Debut competitions held on the PS4 at VOX Cinemas will include the hugely popular Call of Duty franchise, Overwatch and the hotly anticipated iconic superhero game Injustice 2, born out of DC Comics and synonymous with upcoming movie releases worldwide. 6 winners per country will each be awarded a PS4 Pro, the world’s most powerful gaming console.

With the capacity to host hundreds of gamers in state-of-the-art environments paired with the highest screen and sound technologies, VOX Cinemas will truly push the boundaries of gaming within the entertainment space. Fully immersing contestants within the games, VOX Cinemas’ world-class innovative theatres will elevate the interactive adrenaline-filled competition experience for gamers across the region while audiences cheer on.

For more information on the PLG Nationals, please visit the dedicated site over at available in both English and Arabic languages.